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Komyo ReikiDo® Classes

Komyo ReikiDo is a Japanese Reiki Method with traceable lineage to the founder Usui.

There are four (4) levels in Komyo ReikiDo® (KRD).

Official Komyo ReikiDo® Manuals and Certificates are issued for each level.

初伝 ​Shoden (Level 1) 

This class is focused on self-healing. We heal ourself as first step.

Duration -  8 hours
4 Reiju
Reiki History

Reiki principles
Reiki self-healing

How to find unbalance in the body

Reiki circle

Energy recharge technique

Energy Cleansing technique

Gassho Meditation technique

Minimum one (1) month before eligible to sit for Chuden.

中伝 Chuden (Level 2)

In this class you will learn how to heal others (in the mind, in the body and with distant healing).

Duration -  Min. 8 hours
4 Reiju
3 Symbols and uses

Distance Healing technique

Detoxification Method

Navel Treatment Method

Habits Treatment Method

Kekko - massage like technique to enhance blood circulation and promotes detoxification

This level is the minimum for practitioners who offer their services to the public.

Shoden & Chuden levels are about healing by physical hands.

奥伝 Okuden (Level 3)
Duration -   16 hours

Okuden is a doorway to a spiritual practice. We begin to walk up on a spiritual path to the ultimate goal of Satori, i.e., genuine happiness that is the purpose of life.


Review of Level 1 and 2
2 Reiju
1 Symbol and its use

How to develop your own spirituality

Dojo - the place of spiritual practice

Kotodama - the spirit of words

Reiki Ryoho Hikkei (Original Handbook from Usui)


Minimum twelve (12) months before eligible to sit for Shinpiden.

Next Okuden is planned for 18th and 25th  November 2023 (2 days course).

​神秘伝 Shinpiden (Level 4) - (Shihan candidate) Duration - Min 16 hours


The start of your lifelong apprenticeship in Reiki Ryoho. 

This is the first step to the KRD teacher education.

Review of all previous levels

Learn more about the history of Reiki & the Japanese culture

Learn how to conduct Reiju to initiate others to Reiki.


Teacher Education (Shihan)
In order to become a Komyo ReikiDo teacher there are extra levels to ensure a well-grounded understanding of our practice so we can preserve Sensei’s teachings moving forward.

Shihan Candidate title is given to those who have sat an in-person Shinpiden class for the first time. The title of Komyo ReikiDo Shihan will be awarded to those who have satisfactorily completed the Re-Sit online or in person with Inamoto Sensei.

After the second sitting of Shinpiden, the Shihan Candidate will become a certified Komyo ReikiDo Shihan, able to teach all levels of Komyo ReikiDo.


Classes are arranged periodically and upon request. The classes are held in English.

Please send an email to for enrolling to a class or visit our facebook page to know the next dates.

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