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A Japanese-style Reiki that presents this spiritual healing art as it is understood and commonly practiced in Japan.

Let us show you how the Traditional Japanese Reiki Method can help you:
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Komyo ReikiDo (pron. Koh-m-yoh Ray-key Do) was developed & founded in Kyoto Japan by Japanese Buddhist Monk & renown international teacher, Inamoto Hyakuten (in Japan, the family name is first and the given name is second).

Komyo ReikiDo is a keep-it-simple Reiki system & practice, based on the Japanese aesthetic of Less is More. The practice motto is: Place your hands, Surrender & Smile. Simple to learn & profound in the effect on mind, body & inner being.

Komyo = Light or illumination
Reiki     = Sacred Energy of the Universe
​Do         = Spiritual Path or Way


-  A gateway to spiritual awakening and growth.

-  A keep-it-simple Reiki system and practice. It is based on Japanese aesthetics "Less is More".

-  The practice motto is "Place your hands, Surrender, and Smile". There is no room for other things. Reiki is all we need.

-  The teaching method is basically by word of mouth.

Available Courses
  • Shoden - Level 1

  • Chuden - Level 2

  • Okuden - Level 3

  • Shinpinden - Level 4 (Teacher Level)

  • Reiki Shares

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